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Market Segments

Our Market Segments


Want to know the latest trends in upscale eatery menus? Let’s talk. From our fresher than fresh Faro Island Salmon to our famous Shell on Shrimp Skewers, we offer a variety of options that will make your menu look unique and profitable. We can meet any cooking requirement or operator’s need. We will provide you with a unique guide to what is local and “in season” maximizing profitability on readily available local fish so you can plan your menu and never be out of fresh fish offerings.


Inti Persada Baru offerings create price sensitive menu items that your customers will look for on the menu each week. 



Nutritional and unique seafood entrees for the Healthcare Market is where our product line fits best. Whether it is our Rolled Swai Fillets ready for saucing and baking or our fresh skinless salmon portion for the Sunday family dinner visit, you need to put the best out for these functions and our product line and pricing meet those needs. 


Seafood is always a challenge for consistent uniform portion size and flavor profile. 

Inti Persada Baru addresses these issues with our Premium Portions. Cut to within two tenths of an ounce of the requested weight and thickness, our premium portions are a signature of our Baramundi Portion product line that meets the demand for consistent and uniform portions. 


Retail operators are looking for less shrink and faster turns in the fresh case as well as unique items for the freezer that will sell. Inti Persada Baru takes shipments of Salmon and Tuna direct the source creating a price points that are competitive and consistent in quality. Fresh clams sourced from our Thousand Island  waters as well as scallops and fluke will give the operator a feeling that are purchasing right from the boat! Inti Persada Baru has developed a frozen Seafood Entrée line that fills the need for something different! We have solutions will make the seafood case generate profit. Inti Persada Baru Retail creations truly create fresh and unique alternatives.


Inti Persada Baru services our Asian clientele with a wide variety of products from Seaweed Salad to Whole Salmon at competitive prices. Whether you are simply adding some menu options or need a complete menu of Asian Cuisine offerings, our Seafood Specialists' expertise is second to none. From Nori Sheets to Fresh #1 Big Eye Tuna Loins, we can support your every need.